Sat 29th Sept 2012

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Main Stage

HEADLINE: Johnny & the goodtime boys

Main Stage
12:00pm                               Red Sun
 1:00pm                                 Live Forever
 2:00pm                                 Titan
 3:00pm                                 Smokin’ the profit
 4:10pm                                 Ferris
 5:20pm                                 Johnny & the goodtime boys

11:30am                                Boom Times
12:30pm                               Chris Armson
1:30pm                                  Antony Fox & Dave Sherrat
2:30pm                                  Rosie Doyle
3:40pm                                  Midnight Wire
4:50pm                                  Martin Luke Brown

Acoustic Tent
11:40am                                Mary-Anne Ratcliffe
12:20pm                              Mark Elliott
1:00pm                                 Megan Jones
1:40pm                                 Lily Clay
2:20pm                                 Rob MaClean
3:00pm                                 John Fryer
3:40pm                                 Rainy Day Gallery
4:20pm                                 Steve Burton
5:10pm                                 Rosie Doyle
1pm                                        ZUMBA
2pm                                        Belly Dancing
3pm                                        ZUMBA W/S
4pm                                        DANCE
415pm                                   DANCE W/S

DJ Tent

A varied mix of music from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's 00's, from DJ Alexo

Workshops - Get involved

Tesco Tent - Make your own Smoothie
Art Play by Playfit after school clubs
Yoga class
Zumba class
African Drumming sessions
Make a Bird Box
Willow Weaving with ECO House